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Artist Bio


Jered - Tattoo Artist

I've been tattooing for the past 11 years now and still enjoy every moment of it. I prefer to do custom work and enjoy designing bold tattoos. Keeping in mind the longevity and luciferousness of a tattoo that will hold the test of time. I specialize in black and grey designs, bold traditional tattoos as well as portraiture and custom lettering. I've been featured in TATTOO magazine July 2011. For the future, I strive to technically execute all tattoos at my best potential.

Bugaboo Tattoo Location

We now have 2 locations...

7014 Kennedy Ave., Hammond, IN 46323

4357 E. Lincoln Hwy. (Rt.30), Hobart, IN 46404

Bugaboo Defined

Bug • a • boo

An object that causes a false sense of fear.